Andalusian Mare

#3060 Andalusian Family Gift Set
Produced: 1979-93
Grey, dappled, darker points, socks
Includes chestnut Andalusian Foal and alabaster Andalusian Stallion
Estimate for set: $29-34

Photo courtesy of R. Hosta

Special Run Classic Andalusian Family
Produced: 1984
Alabaster, light grey shaded points
Includes bay Andalusian Foal and grey Andalusian Stallion
Source: Sears
Estimate: $22-25

Photo courtesy of Samantha Hager

#289 Chaval
Produced: 1997
Red roan, stocking on left hind leg
Includes rosette
Estimate: undetermined

Photo courtesy of Claire Lewinski

#648 Buckskin Lusitano
Produced: 1999-2000
Estimate: $23

Photo courtesy of Danielle Ashby

#657 Golden Chestnut Lusitano
Portuguese Lusitano
Produced: 2001-5
Chestnut, flaxen, stripe, stockings
Estimate: $11-13

Photo courtesy of Sanne Fleuren

#61009 Classics Show Award Gift Set
Produced: 2002-5
Dark shaded buckskin, blaze, stockings on both hind and left front
Includes blanket, halter, lead rope, rosette and trophy
Estimate for set: $18
-- - --
Also in #720100 Buckskin Lusitano Mare
Produced: 2006
Later models were produced on the Johar mold

Photo courtesy of Diamond Lake Kennel

Special Run #705398 Spirit Kiger Mustang Family
Produced: 2002
Red chestnut tovero pinto, flaxen
Includes pinto Andalusian Foal and dun Andalusian Stallion
Source: Wal-Mart
Estimate: $12-14
Estimate for set: $28-36

Photo courtesy of Modellpferdeversand

#670 Bay Andalusian Mare
Produced: 2003, 700 made
Shaded dark bay, stripe, socks on both front and right hind legs
Estimate: $16-23

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