#3040 Black Beauty Family
Produced: 1980-93
Includes black Black Beauty, chestnut Ginger, and grey Merrylegs
Estimate: $9-12
Estimate for set: $41-86

#19843 Surrey to Church on Sunday
Produced: 1984-7
Flocked, bay, blaze, socks
Includes bay Jet Run, carriage, harness, dolls, display case and wood base
Source: Bentleys
Estimate: undetermined

Photo courtesy of Dorothy Graham
Lady Roxana
#3345 King of the Wind Set
Lady Roxana
Produced: 1990-3
Alabaster, grey mane and tail
Includes bay Black Beauty and bay Black Stallion
Estimate: $12-16

Photo courtesy of Dot Coffman
Sacred Medicine Hat Stallion
#3347 Trakehner Family
Produced: 1992-4
Light grey, dappled, darker points, stockings
Includes chestnut Jet Run and bay Mustang Foal
Estimate: $9

Photo courtesy of Modellpferdeversand
Sacred Medicine Hat Stallion
Special Run #750202 Sacred Medicine Hat Stallion and Grey Wolf
Produced: 2003
Red chestnut tovero pinto
Includes wolf
Estimate: undetermined

Photo courtesy of Modellpferdeversand
Smutty Palomino Stallion
Special Run #750302 Smutty Palomino Stallion and Smokey Black Foal
Produced: 2003
Dark shaded palomino, star, sock on left hind
Includes black Rojo
Estimate for set: $18-26

Photo courtesy of Krystell Barraza
#4111 Model Horse Play Set - Activity Kit
Produced: 2004-8
Grey, dappled, darker points, stripe, stockings
Includes blanket and halter making equipment
Estimate for set: $16

Photo courtesy of Hannah Balka
#62005 Appaloosa Mare and Dun Foal
Produced: 2005-8
Dun blanket appaloosa, shaded darker points, stripe, stocking on left hind and front right legs
Includes appaloosa Arabian Foal
Estimate: $9-13
Estimate for set: $18-20
-- - --
Later sets include appaloosa Andalusian Foal instead of the Arabian Foal

Photo courtesy of Carrie
Special Run #750906 Dreamer
Sonador - Thoroughbred
Produced: 2005-6
Shaded red chestnut, star
Includes black Black Beauty
Estimate for set: $23-31

Photo courtesy of TMHR Custom Creations - USA
Special Run #750036 Cheyenne, chestnut pinto mare and Diego, black wolf
Produced: 2006
Light chestnut tobiano pinto, star and snip
Includes black wolf
Estimate for set: $20-24

Photo courtesy of Kortney Tibbitts
#663 Buckskin
Thoroughbred Cross
Produced: 2006-8
Buckskin, star, coronet bands on both right
Estimate: $12-15

#61017 Veterinary Care Gift Set
Thoroughbred Cross
Produced: 2007-8
Buckskin roan, star, sock on left hind
Includes veterinarian doll, vet kit and equipment
Estimate: undetermined

Photo courtesy of TMHR Custom Creations

#720037 Let's Go Camping
Produced: 2007
Shaded dark brown tobiano pinto, blaze
Includes doll, halter, saddlebags , dog and camping accessories
Estimate: undetermined

#61102 Lisa and Prancer Gift Set
Prancer - Thoroughbred - The Saddle Club
Produced: 2008
Shaded red chestnut, darker points, star and snip, stockings on both hind
Includes Lisa doll, English saddle, bridle and saddle pad
Estimate: undetermined

#750210 Gold Dust and Sagebrush
Gold Dust - Mustang
Produced: 2008
Palomino, blaze, stockings on both hind, sock on left front
Includes appaloosa Rojo
Source: Wal-Mart
Estimate: undetermined

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