Gem Twist

Photo courtesy of Marlayna Youngblood

#495 Gem Twist
Champion Thoroughbred Show Jumper
Produced: 1993-5
Alabaster, grey shading
-- - --
Variation 1 had 39 red braids in mane
Estimate: $31
-- - --
Variation 2 had 20 red braids
Estimate: $18-26
-- - --
Variation 3 had button bows
Estimate: $23-26
-- - --
Also in #704295 Gem Twist
Variation 2 with 20 braids
Includes English saddle and bridle
Source: the Q2 shopping channel

Photo courtesy of Marlayna Youngblood

#959 Monte
Produced: 1996-7
Dark chestnut, star, socks
Estimate: $18-22
-- - --
Variation: bi-eyes

Photo courtesy Stone Wolf Creations

Special Run #701196 First Competitor
Produced: 1996, 5000 made
Buckskin, star and snip, socks
Includes English saddle, bridle and saddlepad
Source: Breyer dealers
Estimate: $30-64

Photo courtesy of Marlayna Youngblood

#726 Grey Appaloosa
Produced: 1998-9
Blue roan blanket appaloosa, darker points, socks on both hind and front left legs
Estimate: $21-35

Photo courtesy of Emily M. Mitchell

#1101 Biko
Thoroughbred-Irish Draft cross - 1996 Olympic team Silver Medal
United States Eventing Association's Horse of the Century
Produced: 2000
Shaded red bay, blaze to white muzzle, stocking on right hind
Estimate: $20-34

Photo courtesy of Marlayna Youngblood

#3359 Fox Hunting Gift Set
Produced: 2001-3
Bay, hunter clip
Includes foxhound and fox
Estimate: $20-29
Estimate for set: $37
-- - --
Also in #1401 Hunting Gift Set
Produced: 2006-8, 2250 made
Includes foxhound (no fox)
Source: UK Breyer dealers

Photo courtesy of Bonnie Barnhouse

Special Run Show Jumper
Produced: 2002
Shaded dark grey, stocking on right hind and left front, red braids
Includes English tack
Source: QVC shopping network
Estimate: $80-100

Photo courtesy of Bonnie Barnhouse

#1251 Commander Riker
2003 Best School Horse Winner - American Quarter Horse
Produced: 2004-5
Shaded chestnut, stripe, sock on left hind
Estimate: $20-24

Photo courtesy of Gebo

Special Run #701105 Snowman
Champion Show Jumper
Produced: 2005
Flea-bitten pearlescent
Source: PetsMart
Estimate: $30-37

Photo courtesy of Modellpferdeversand

Special Run #701606 Authentic
Dutch Warmblood - 2004 show jumping team Olympic Gold Medal
Produced: 2006
Dark bay, star and snip
Source: USET
Estimate: undetermined

Photo courtesy of Angela Burch

#1291 Picture Perfect
Produced: 2007-8
Shaded dark palomino, dappled, blaze, socks on left legs
Includes disposable camera, fence, background, frame, potted plant and booklet on photography tips
Estimate: $29-40

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