#63 Halla
Three Time Olympic Gold Medalist Jumper - "The mare that could jump houses"
Produced: 1977-85
Bay, star
Estimate: $21-29
-- - --
Also in #6338 Halla, Famous Jumper with Forward Seat English Saddle and Tack
Estimate: undetermined

Photo courtesy of Natalie Sherard
#490 Bolya
Akhal-Teke - The Freedom Horse
Produced: 1978-80
Buckskin, star, socks on both front
Estimate: $27-38

Photo courtesy of Sky Full O Stars Stable

Special Run #715963 International Collector's Set
Produced: 1989, about 3500 made
Flea-bitten grey, darker points, stockings
Includes bay Morganglanz and grey Hanoverian
Source: JCPenney
Estimate: $23

Photo courtesy of Summer Dawn
American Warmblood
#820 Noble Jumper
Produced: 1990-1
Grey, dappled, darker points, socks on both hind
Estimate: $21-35

Photo courtesy of Regina Goetzinger
American Warmblood
#748 American Warmblood
Produced: 1998-9
Shaded palomino, blaze to white muzzle, stockings
Estimate: undetermined

Photo courtesy of Ulla Harneit
#1134 Comanche
from Custer's Last Stand at Little Big Horn
Horses in History Series
Produced: 2000-3
Shaded red bay dun, dorsal stripe, leg barring, star, sock on left hind, multiple brands
Includes video
Estimate: $38-61

picture wanted
#1310 Prancer
The Saddle Club - Thoroughbred
Produced: 2007-8
Chestnut, star and snip, stockings on both hind
Estimate: undetermined

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