Photo courtesy of Abbie Myers

#445 John Henry
Produced: 1988-90
Dark bay, light grey hooves
Estimate: $55-150

Photo courtesy of Crystal

#836 Joe Patchen
Sire of Dan Patch
Produced: 1991-3
Black, broken stripe, stockings
Estimate: $19-21

Photo courtesy of Dorothy Graham

Special Run #491192 Quiet Foxhunters Set
Produced: 1992
Bay, socks
Includes bay Roemer and grey Rugged Lark
Source: Sears
Estimate: 41-49

Photo courtesy of Natalie Sherard

Special Run #711594 Western Horse
Produced: 1994
Shaded dark chestnut, stripe, stockings on right hind and left front legs
Source: JCPenney
Estimate: undetermined

#961 The Cree Indian Horse, Naytukskie-Kukatos
Produced: 1996
Bay overo pinto, Indian paint markings
Version 1: early models had a blue zigzag on the leg and red strings in mane
Version 2: late models had a yellow zigzag on the leg and blue strings in mane
Estimate: $26-40

Special Run Cowboy Pride Ranch Horse Set
Produced: 1998
Bay roan, broken stripe, stockings
Includes appaloosa Stock Horse Foal and dun Running Stallion
Source: JCPenney
Estimate: $30-35

Photo courtesy of Nichole Renauld

#755 Cincinnati
General Ulysses S. Grant's horse
Horses in History series
Produced: 1999-2000
Shaded dark bay, star, grey hooves
Estimate: $22-32

Photo courtesy of Regina Goetzinger

#1188 Seabiscuit
Thoroughbred Racehorse
Produced: 2003-8
Shaded bay, dark grey hooves
Estimate: $25-40

John Henry
Special Run Seabiscuit with Jockey
Produced: 2003
Shaded bay
Includes jockey George Wolfe
Source: JCPenney
Estimate for set: $50

Photo courtesy of Tamara C. Wanner

#1273 Forego
Racing Days Thoroughbred collection
Produced: 2006
Shaded dark bay, star, coronet band on both hind and front left
Includes red blanket
Estimate for set: $25-37

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