Lady Roxana

Photo courtesy of Kristina Modlin
Lady Roxana
#425 Marguerite Henry's Lady Roxana
Produced: 1986-8
Alabaster, grey mane and tail
Estimate: $20

Photo courtesy of Denise Doyle
Lady Roxana
#426 Prancing Arabian Mare
Produced: 1988-9
Dark palomino, flaxen, stockings on both hind and front right
Estimate: $17

Photo courtesy of Modellpferdeversand

#3160 Proud Mother and Newborn
Produced: 1993
Dark brown, lighter points, stockings
Includes grulla Andalusian Foal
Estimate: $12

Photo courtesy Stone Wolf Creations

#3161 Proud Mother and Newborn
Produced: 1993
Light grulla, darker points, dorsal stripe, stocking on left front
Includes brown Andalusian Foal
Estimate: undetermined

#939 Cinnamon
Produced: 1996
Red bay blanket appaloosa, star, socks
Estimate: $13-18

Photo courtesy of Jacinta
Lady Roxana
Special Run Cinnamon
Produced: 1996
Dark bay blanket appaloosa, star, socks
Source: JCPenney
Estimate: undetermined

Photo courtesy of Modellpferdeversand

#1234 Sahara
Produced: 2004-6
Flea-bitten grey, darker points, snip, stocking on right fore leg
Estimate: $21

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