Photo courtesy of Regina Goetzinger - Germany
#586 Smarty Jones
Champion Thoroughbred Racehorse
Produced: 2004-8
Shaded chestnut, star, stockings on both hind legs, coronet band on left front leg, shod
Includes dirt base
Estimate: $32

Photo courtesy of Breanna M.
Special Run Tempest
Connoisseur Series
Produced: 2005
Bay snowflake appaloosa, blaze, socks on both hind and stocking on left front
Includes snow base
Source: Just About Horses
Estimate: $270

Photo courtesy of Fox Leap Farms
halloween horse
Special Run #710005 Phantasma!
Halloween Series
Produced: 2005
Metallic orange, red and yellow, black points, black phantoms on coat
Includes black base
Source: Breyer dealers
Estimate: $34-89

Photo courtesy of Laura Sladek - Czech Republic
#1283 Windtalker
American Paint Horse - Collector's Choice Series
Produced: 2007
Grullo overo pinto, darker points, dorsal stripe, leg barring
Includes brown base
Estimate: undetermined

Photo courtesy of Sophie Brückl - Germany
Special Run Rushmore
Produced: 2007
Bay roan, dappled, star, sock on right hind and left front
Includes brown base
Source: BreyerFest
Estimate: undetermined

picture wanted
Special Run Riley
Produced: 2008, 400 made
US Cavalry Horse
Shaded grey, shaded darker points, sock on left hind, brand
Source: Online dealers
Estimate: undetermined

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