Photo courtesy of Dorothy Graham

#5906 Belgian
Produced: 2006-8
Light chestnut, stripe, flaxen points
Estimate: $4-9

Photo courtesy of Dorothy Graham - USA

#5971 Stablemates 4-Piece Gift Pack
Produced: 2007-8
Metallic shaded dark flea-bitten grey, shaded darker points
Includes pinto Peruvian Paso, palomino Tennessee Walking Horse, dun Andalusian
Estimate for set: undetermined

Photo courtesy of T and Jennifer - USA

Special Run #711307 Cream Soda
Produced: 2007, 2500 made
Light palomino, stripe, stockings on both hind, sock on right front, coronet band on left front, red and blue tail ribbon, keychain
Source: BreyerFest
Estimate: undetermined

picture wanted
Stablemates Parade of Breeds
Produced: 2007
Black, blaze, stockings, red tail ribbon
Includes pinto Friesian, appaloosa Lying Foal, roan Mustang, grey Peruvian Paso, chestnut Standing Foal, bay Tennessee Walking Horse, grey Andalusian, silver bay Warmblood, and dun Standing Quarter Horse
Source: JCPenney
Estimate: undetermined

picture wanted
Stablemates Parade of Breeds
Russian Heavy Draft
Produced: 2008
Dark bay, blaze, socks, red tail ribbon
Includes palomino Friesian, pinto Trotting Foal, appaloosa Appaloosa, black Standardbred, grey Standing Foal, grey Arabian, appaloosa Andalusian, bay Warmblood, and pinto Warmblood Jumper
Source: JCPenney
Estimate: undetermined

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