Photo courtesy of Bonnie Barnhouse

Isabel and Chloe
Chloe - Unicorn
Produced: 2005
Porcelain, shaded metallic grey, gold horn and hooves
Includes grey Arabian and base
Source: BreyerFest
Estimate: undetermined

Photo courtesy of Dorothy Graham

Special Run 10-Piece Stablemate Parade of Breeds
Produced: 2006
Shaded grey, broken stripe
Includes grey Friesian, pinto Athletic Pony, appaloosa Andalusian, bay Peruvian Paso, pinto Standing Foal, chestnut Thoroughbred, palomino Arabian, pinto Warmblood, and bay Warmblood Jumper
Source: JCPenney
Estimate for set: $20-25

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#5918 Pocket Barn with Mare and Foal
Produced: 2007-8
Buckskin tobiano pinto, star
Includes pinto Paso Fino, fence, trough, hay bale and barn
Estimate (in 2008): $14

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Stablemates Parade of Breeds
Appaloosa Sport Horse
Produced: 2007
Red bay blanket appaloosa, stocking on right hind and left front
Includes pinto Friesian, black Belgian, roan Mustang, grey Peruvian Paso, chestnut Standing Foal, bay Tennessee Walking Horse, grey Andalusian, silver bay Warmblood, and dun Standing Quarter Horse
Source: JCPenney
Estimate: undetermined

Photo courtesy of Sonya H. - USA

#5406 Kittens and Foals Play Set
Produced: 2008
Red roan
Includes grey Trotting Foal, appaloosa Standing Foal, three kittens, fence, hay manger and straw bed
Estimate (in 2008): $13

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