Photo courtesy of April Leeman

#5612 Morgan
Produced: 1998-2002
Dark brown, flaxen, stripe, stockings
Estimate: $4-6

Photo courtesy of Modellpferdeversand

Special Run JAH Special Edition Stablemates Gift Set
Produced: 1998, 5000 made
Red bay, star
Includes chestnut Arabian, appaloosa Appaloosa, grey Andalusian, dun Mule, black American Saddlebred, chestnut Shetland Pony, pinto Warmblood, roan Clydesdale, dun Paso Fino, grey Thoroughbred and chestnut Standardbred
Source: Just About Horses
Estimate: $6-16
Estimate for set: $83-98

Photo courtesy of April Leeman

#59977 Pinto Stallion and Foal
Produced: 2000-2
Bay tobiano pinto, stripe
Includes pinto Trotting Foal
Estimate: $8-11

Photo courtesy of Sara J. Clawson

Special Run Flocky Set I
Produced: 2001, 750-1500 made
Flocked, grey, black points, blaze, stockings
Includes flocked Jack Russell Terrier
Source: BreyerFest
Estimate: $13-26
Estimate for set: $32-45

Special Run The Silver Cup Series II
Produced: 2002
Glossy, shaded bay
Includes palomino Draft Horse, appaloosa Appaloosa, bay Thoroughbred and pinto Warmblood
Source: QVC shopping network
Estimate: $11-15

Photo courtesy of April Leeman

#5904 Morgan
Produced: 2003-6
Palomino, right front leg fades to white or flaxen
Estimate: $3-7

Photo courtesy of Modellpferdeversand

#59982 Morgan Stallion and Foal
Produced: 2003-5
Red roan, stocking on left front leg
Includes bay Scratching Foal
Estimate: $4

Special Run #700703 Holiday Ornament Craft Kit
Produced: 2003
Unpainted, gold hook on back
Includes unpainted Trotting Foal, unpainted Warmblood and craft supplies
Estimate: $3-5
Estimate for set: $12-16

picture wanted
#55016 Horse Play Card Game
Produced: 2005-8
Shaded dark bay, broken stripe, sock on left hind leg
Includes 48 cards and rules for 5 games
Estimate for set: $12-16

Photo courtesy of Dorothy Graham
#5917 Spooky Stablemates Collection
Merry Widow
Produced: 2005
Black with metallic green shading, "glow in the dark" white spider and spiderweb designs, stockings on right hind and left fore, orange eyes, green hooves
Includes black and white Arabian and black Thoroughbred
Estimate for set: $21-26

Photo courtesy of Laura Blair
Special Run Morgan
Produced: 2005
Glossy, charcoal, white points, bald face, keychain
Source: BreyerFest
Estimate: $12-16

Photo courtesy of Dorothy Graham
#5315 Annie Oakley Play Set
Produced: 2005-6
Black semi-leopard appaloosa, star, stockings
Includes pinto Appaloosa, Annie Oakley rider, western tack, buckboard wagon and harness, dog, hay bale and lantern
Estimate for set: undetermined
-- - --
Earlier sets have an appaloosa Swaps instead of this appaloosa Morgan

#20012 Starlight Play and Activity Set
Midnight - Morgan
Produced: 2006-8
Includes black Scrambling Foal, Starlight book, cardboard barn and coloring book
Estimate for set (in 2008): $7-9

Photo courtesy of Dorothy Graham
Special Run Miniature Connoisseur Collection
Mini Mosaic - Pinto Sporthorse
Produced: 2006, 3000 made
Shaded bay overo pinto
Includes black and white Thoroughbred, chestnut American Saddlebred, appaloosa Appaloosa, and appaloosa Warmblood
Source: JAH
Estimate: $16-24
Estimate for set: $65-77

Photo courtesy of Martina Vannelli
#5923 Horse & Foal Set
Produced: 2007-8
Blue roan tobiano pinto, star and snip
Includes pinto Scratching Foal
Estimate for set: undetermined

picture wanted
#5501 Jump Off - Carole and Starlight Play Set
Doc - The Saddle Club
Produced: 2008
Shaded light grey, alabaster mane and tail, lower blaze
Includes buckskin Warmblood Jumper, two dolls, trophy, ribbon, fences, jump and English tack
Estimate for set (in 2008): $15

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