Photo courtesy of Denise Doyle
#5609 Mule
Produced: 1998-2002
Black leopard appaloosa, black points, stockings
Estimate: $4-6
-- - --
Also in #59197 Stablemates Little Red Stable Set
Produced: 1999-2002
Includes stable, equipment and pinto Appaloosa
Estimate for set: $20

Photo courtesy of Denise Doyle
Special Run JAH Special Edition Stablemates Gift Set
Produced: 1998, 5000 made
Dun, darker points, leg barring, dorsal stripe, shoulder stripe
Includes chestnut Arabian, appaloosa Appaloosa, grey Andalusian, pinto Warmblood, black American Saddlebred, chestnut Shetland Pony, bay Morgan, roan Clydesdale, dun Paso Fino, grey Thoroughbred and chestnut Standardbred
Source: Just About Horses
Estimate: $7-16
Estimate for set: $83-98

Photo courtesy of Kathy Marsh Hall

Special Run Stablemates Keychain
Produced: 1999, 1500 made
Metallic gold, keychain
Source: BreyerFest
Estimate: $11-26

Photo courtesy of Jennifer
#5909 Farm Animals Play Set
Produced: 2005-8
Dun, darker mane and tail end, legs fade, white teeth
Includes Dr. Jones vet, Bernice the cow, Chester the pig, Flo the chicken, Dominick the rooster, Cindy the rabbit, fence, trough and hay bale
Estimate for set: $11-13

Photo courtesy of Kristin Ball

Special Run Parade of Breeds
Produced: 2005, 1500 made
Chestnut leopard appaloosa, stockings
Includes pinto American Saddlebred, pinto Paso Fino, grey Thoroughbred, brown Standardbred, appaloosa Arabian, appaloosa Scratching Foal, bay Warmblood, appaloosa Scrambling Foal and roan Appaloosa
Source: JCPenney
Estimate: $6
Estimate for set: $20-36

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