#5906 Thoroughbred
Produced: 2006-current
Shaded bay, star, coronet band on left hind
Estimate: $4-9

#59200 Stablemates Village Tack Shop
Produced: 2006-current
Metallic flea-bitten grey, darker points, sock on right front, coronet band on left front and right hind
Includes western tack, English tack, a counter, a cash register and a tack shop
Estimate for set: undetermined

Photo courtesy of Dorothy Graham

Special Run 10-Piece Stablemate Parade of Breeds
Produced: 2006
Metallic red chestnut, stripe, stockings on both hind, sock on right front
Includes palomino Arabian, grey Lying Foal, appaloosa Andalusian, bay Peruvian Paso, pinto Standing Foal, chestnut Thoroughbred, pinto Atheltic Pony, pinto Warmblood, and bay Warmblood Jumper
Source: JCPenney
Estimate for set: $20-25

Photo courtesy of Arlene Woods
pinto sportshorse
Special Run #1402 British Breeds 4 Piece Set
Produced: 2006-current
Dark bay tobiano pinto
Includes red dun Athletic Pony, grey Clydesdale and alabaster Jumper
Source: UK exclusive
Estimate for set: $14

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