Touch of Class

Photo courtesy of Bonnie Barnhouse
Touch Of Class
#420 Touch of Class
Famous Olympic Champion
Produced: 1986-88
Bay, stripe
Estimate: $21-33
-- - --
Variation: dorsal stripe

Photo courtesy of Summer Dawn
Touch Of Class
#813 Thoroughbred Mare
Produced: 1989-90
Black, stripe, stockings, grey or black hooves
Estimate: $13-18

Photo courtesy of Abbie Myers
Selle Francais
#843 Selle Francais
Produced: 1991-2
Dark chestnut, blaze, stockings
Estimate: $10-16

Touch Of Class
#877 Guinevere
English Hack
Produced: 1993-4
Dark shaded red bay, star
Estimate: $20

Photo courtesy of Modellpferdeversand
Rox Don
#952 Rox Dene
Champion Hunter Mare
Produced: 1996-8
Alabaster, grey shading, dappled, stockings
Estimate: $19-23

Photo courtesy of Lone Horse Ranch
Special Run #711197 Three Piece Horse Set
Produced: 1997, about 3000 made
Light grey, black points, snip
Includes bay Secretariat and pinto Sham
Source: JCPenney
Estimate: $24

Century Finale
Special Run #700599 State Line Exclusive
Century Finale - Pinto Sporthorse
Produced: 1999
Dark chestnut tovero pinto, brand on left flank
Source: State Line Tack
Estimate: $21-30

Photo courtesy of Nichole Renauld
Miss Resistance Free
#1126 Miss Resistance Free
Richard Shrake's horse
Produced: 2001-2
Black, blaze to white chin, stockings, striped hooves
Estimate: $21-27

Photo courtesy of Kristina Simmons
#1240 Sonador
Produced: 2005-7
Chestnut, star
Includes blanket of daisies
Estimate: $28-32

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