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Do you have photos of Breyer models that you would like considered for the Ponylagoon?

If they are in a digital format you can email them to the Ponylagoon for consideration. Please include a working return email address and indicate that the Ponylagoon has permission to use the photos. If you would like to send regular photos (paper) please email me for more information. It may take me several days to respond to your email.

In the future the Ponylagoon would like to have photos of every equine model created by Breyer. If a photo is already posted for your model but you think you have a better picture, please send it in and it might join or replace the current photo. A name, an email contact or a website link may be posted with the photo but no other information will be posted. Please also let me know what country you are sending pictures from.

Once you submit a photo, the Ponylagoon can not be held responsible for any problems that may arise.

My goal is to have the following for each model:
- a clear shot of the face to show any facial markings
- shots of the model from both sides
- a shot of the model with the other models and/or equipment from its original set, if applicable
- a shot of the model in/with it's original packaging
- a shot of each model in a working environment, here extra tack, riders etc... can be added
- shots from several different people to show variations, different lighting etc...

Here is an example of a model that has all of the above pictures: #983 Equus

I am also seeking pictures of the real live animal that a model is made in the image of. If you have pictures, that you have taken, of the living horse (or mule, pony etc...) feel free to send them in. Please tell me where the animal is appearing at.

Here is an example of a model with pictures of the actual horse: #710103 Gladwin Lucky Grey Lady

Helpful tips:
- send the pictures at least 700 pixels wide, if possible
- outdoor sunlight on an overcast day is usually the optimal lighting
- keep your model about 8 inches or more away from the background to avoid a shadow
- only send in pictures that you have photographed yourself, taking pics from another website, a magazine, etc... is not allowed

and remember...
I would rather have a poor quality photo than none at all, so have fun!

Now posting pictures received on 12/26/06
(Yes, 2006 is correct. I am over one year behind)

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